all photographs from the series  h o r i z o n s  are printed on photo rag paper and are available in the format  80 x 120 cm /edition  6  / 1.950.- euro and in the format  60 x 90 cm / edition  11/ 1.250.- euro  •  please contact


h o r i z o n s     •    work in progress since 2002

"The horizon is an imaginary line that recedes as you approach it".  Ginnifer Goodwin

The Horizon is the line at which the earth's surface and the sky appear to meet.In ourselves, it is the metaphysical boundary between reality and our dreams, aspirations and desires. 

The images allow us to observe something so simple yet elusive. No matter how far one travels towards the Horizon,it always remains beyond our grasp - although our hearts can see beyond, our vision stops and rests on the Horizon.

Glitter of falling light merging with the waves on the metallic sea is an invitation to dive into the endless space.

The fluid colors of twilight create an atmosphere of peace and tranquility.  

Horizons offer us a glimpse into a moment in time, a perspective that is always the same yet paradoxically always changing - captured in light.

The ocean is the origin of life on the Earth giving us an anticipation of eternity -  in that we find the source of our existence.


text: Samir Malik