all photographs from the series  f o r e s t s  are printed on photo rag paper and are available in the format  90 x 120 cm /edition  6  / 1.950.- euro 

and in the format  70 x 90 cm / edition  11/ 1.250.- euro  •  please contact


t h e   p r e s e n c e   o f    f o r e s t s     •    work in progress since 2008

Trees are the oldest beings on earth and intertwine with sky and earth. Latest scientific research has investigated communication between trees and results lead us to assume that the roots of the plants build a huge, world spanning communication net, a Wood Wide Web. Trees can also defend themselves very efficiently, attracting help when in danger from insects or other enemies.

After the deep impact of a pine forest in Thailand 2008, I embarked on a journey to discover forests that were magical and surreal, that conjured up fairy tales- like “Hänsel and Gretel” and “Little red riding hood” - that had influenced me deeply in my childhood. Since I can remember, I have always loved and felt drawn to forests, finding them a prefect place for contemplation, and to replenish my energies and inspiration.

1998 I´ve made a reportage about the deforestation of the Amazon in Brazil - a very sad and shocking reality. In Thailand the subject came back to me in a way, but this time I wanted to show the beauty and vulnerability of the forests, something we all need to preserve. This series is, in many ways, my endeavour to express my respect and gratefulness to the forests.