all photographs from the series  s w i m m i n g  p o o l s  are c-prints and are available in the format  80 x 120 cm / edition  6 /1.750.- euro and in the   format  60 x 90 cm / edition 11 /1.250.- euro  •  please contact




s w i m m i n g   p o o l s   •    2003 - 2007

The magic of water has fascinated me since I was a child and I often dream of the ocean, lakes and pools. In the beginning I photographed pools with people, but then I realized that even without water and empty of people, the sensuous forms and colors of the tiles and concrete, of wood and steel, sometimes curved and sometimes straight, and the shapes of the pools themselves, awaken my desire to freeze these beautiful graphic patterns or architecture into a picture.

To see a swimming pool somewhere from afar, perhaps from an airplane flying into Los Angeles or São Paolo, sparkling blue amidst the concrete grays of those big cities, awakes memories of the ocean just crossed.