all photographs from the series in space & time are printed on photo rag paper and are available in the format  80 x 120 cm /edition  6  / 1.950.- euro 

and in the format  60 x 90 cm / edition  11/ 1.250.- euro  •  please contact


I n   s p a c e   &   t i m e   •    work in progress since 2002

Sailing vessels that appear like ghost ships from another world, half ruined piers from the 1920s that tell their own stories.

Forgotten umbrellas and fences that no longer serve a purpose in front of the ocean, fishing nets looking like the remnants of human beings.

Frozen seascapes captured in the rattling cold or blurred horizons during tropical rainfalls - they remind us of paintings, exuding their own enchantment.

People wandering in bizarre landscapes, giving dimension to the vastness, leaving only their footprints that will be washed away soon. 

All these impressions unveil the transience of life and can be an inspiration for the contemplation of… space and time. 


text: Samir Malik